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Why Sports Committee is the best unregiste21-221x250red society? Well, here are the reasons:

  1. They undoubtedly managed to steal the show with their Star studded Festival of Youth Sports. While Gautam Gambhir graced the opening ceremony, performances by Shraey Sharma, and the presence of the Badlapur cast in campus, proved to be mesmerizing experiences. Sushil Kumar was the centre of attraction at the closing ceremony. No doubt, they received the highest number of votes from SRCC, and patronage by CKK as well.
  2. Sports Committee looks after all the sports related issues and organizes tournaments and competitions to promote the spirit of sport in college. It’s a level playing field where sports people, from basketball and badminton players to chess players and swimmers, and many others, find their calling.
  3. For anybody who is looking at improving his or her performance in their chosen sport, or even beginning to play a new sport and gain exposure, Sports Committee is the place to be.

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