College Placements



What is it that attracts the brightest of minds to SRCC every year??
The faculty or the college history and heritage, the brand value or the promising placements in particular?

Well, in my view placements bagged by the students here act as a great attraction and over the years, “SRCC” has built its brand name over the same!

We bring to you a list of recruiters for the year 2014-15
(see pic)


•This list is just for your reference so as to prepare you to make better choices for your career.
•There is NO confirmation that the above mentioned companies will be coming to campus for recruitments this year as well.

But there is more to college than just getting “placed”. College life is an amazing journey where you get to learn at every step. Securing placements is just one aspect! Being ambitious is good but there is more to life than competition! So take it slow, and be patient.
We wish you all the luck for your future!!

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