7Notes7Days: World’s longest Piano Recital at SRCC


People often say, music is their life, their soul. As much as it is easy to say this, it is equally difficult to prove it. Having said that, there are some people in this world who mean not only what they feel but prove it to the world. One such person of which SRCC is immensely proud is Mrityunjay Sharma. At first when, Mrityunjay decided to go for the guiness world record for the longest piano recital, no one was worried for him as he was already a Limca record holder. But as the days went on and he startef playing the piano, everyone realised what an excruciating task it was going to be to keep playing it for whole 8 days.

As the days went, Mrityunjay witnessed the much required support from the whole SRCC. Hashtags #WritingHistoryInProcess and #JourneyLimcaToGuiness and all the students as well teachers did their best to cheer him. Students living in hostel cheered him in evenings, when most of the students were home. A song request game also started in which students could suugest their favorite songs and Mrityunjay would play it for them. Even the famous singer, Shaan made a short video for him in his support.

Finally on 16th October, he broke the world record for longest piano recital and his hardwork paid off. And on 17th he finally completed his 130th hour of piano recital and made history.

Even the VC of Delhi University came to support him and as a mark of completion of his world record, the VC announced 18th if October as a holiday.

Words are not enough to express how proud we are of Mrityunjay and the entire team of CKK would like to wish our hearty congratulations to him.


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