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WORKING HARD FOR SOMETHING WE DO NOT LIKE IS CALLED STRESS, WORKING HARD FOR SOMETHING WE LOVE IS CALLED PASSION. Follow your heart and explore the boundless possibilities that life will unleash for you then.

All of us dream but a few of us achieve, today we have with us  Anika Bhasker, the genius in making, who achieved the dream of every SRite – a placement at Deutsche Bank.

Anika: Hi! Thank you so much. I am very happy that I have been placed in DB and it’s really great to have a chance to interact with you guys.

Interviewer: Let’s start with the big question, how does it really feel to be placed in a company as eminent as DB?

Anika: To be honest initially it was a bit unbelievable because Deutsche really is a dream company for a lot of people who come to SRCC and it was my dream too and to achieve that, was kind of incredible at that point of time. And when it has finally sunk in, yes it’s been wonderful, it’s been very exciting and it’s great. I am really looking forward to working with DB as I have heard many great things about it. I am very happy about it.

Interviewer: You were the editor and coordinator at Yamuna, the SRCC magazine, how were you able to manage extra-curricular with your academics as most of the people stuck juggling with these things?

Anika: I think that it is really important to do things that you think you really want to do, rather than doing just for the sake of it. When you are doing stuff that you enjoy, it’s not juggling.  It’s more about doing something you like. So when you are doing something you like it’s not really a burden, something you have to handle or something you are forced to do, it’s not about that. It is like I am studying and I need a break and this is something I really like doing so it is fun that way. You take it as fun; you do not take it as burden. OK, I got to do this work as I want to make my CV better; it is not about that. It is much about how you approach things and how you take things. And for me, being able to write for a magazine like Yamuna, being able to ideate a concept is a very enriching experience.  I was in cover story, that is, theme based writing; it involved sitting together and having many discussions. It is a story written by five to six people so it is really interesting because you get to ideate, you get to listen to other people’s ideas and it really helps to grow as a writer. It was something that I was enjoying while I was doing it and so it was not really a burden as such. I think that’s really important for people to do, the things they want to do rather than doing things because everybody else is doing that. It is ok to experiment when you are a first year because you do not know your interests but when you discover them, you must pursue them and not start doing stuff just because everybody else is doing it.

Interviewer: You have also cleared two papers of actuarial and that too with a good score. What is the secret behind it?

Anika: One reason why I did want to do actuarial was that I have a lot of interest in finance and my interest was comprehensive. Actuarial subjects’ like math and statistics would provide me a better grounding. This is why actuarial really helped me develop a better mathematical base, better statistical base and enhanced my understanding of finance. And as a Bcom student I was not exposed to statistics that probably eco students are. And I really wanted to have a better understanding of things that I was doing and actuarial science really helped me in that regard. It helped me understand my subjects better; it gave me a holistic view. Again stressing on the fact, do what you really want to do, do not run after everything in the world. It is important not to run after everything in the world. It is important to identify what you want to do and just do it. None of the courses are directly related to actuarial but in general when you look at the larger perspective, then you look at finance and as I always wanted to be in finance, it has helped a lot in that respect. I do not have any secret as such, it is just that I have always tried to enhance my learning in the field of finance as it has always interested me about how the field works and  as such, helped me understand things better and this is why I wanted to do it.

Interviewer: You could have been the secretary in the English literary society. But that thing did not work out quite well. You were even offered a post in the society, you turned it down. What led you take that decision?

Anika: I think elections were the best thing that happened to me, not because I lost, because I was very lucky to be surrounded by a crowd of very good people. So it was about the kind of people I was getting associated with during the phase of campaigning. My seniors were absolutely amazing and they were the kind of people College ki knowledge should be interested in interviewing and I learned so much from them, not only about academics but also about communication skills, confidence, and opportunities. I was always inspired by them. It is a great thing to have seniors we want to be like. I lost but I got a very good peer group and that really helped me go a long way. I did not take a post in the society because I wanted to concentrate as I had already missed an actuarial paper because of elections and I did not want that to happen again. I don’t know, I just felt that I could put my time into doing things where I could probably contribute better.

Interviewer: Tell us something about you internship at Anderson school of management and University of California, LA.

Anika: Anderson happened to me by luck. I was really interested in finance so I was shooting emails to college professors. The first email that I sent was replied by the person who said that he is very interested but he wants to test me, given that I had taken two actuarial science papers. So he gave me a test on calculus and that’s how things worked out. It was a very interesting research internship. I worked in two fields of finance: one was corporate and the other behavioral.Behavioral finance deals with how the human behavior influences the stock markets while corporate finance isabout how corporations raise finance. So working on these things gave me an edge over the others because I knew a lot about finance after that. At DB interview we had a long discussion on something called Black-Scholes model. And I think that got me through DB.It was a very rewarding internship.

Interviewer:So,as you told us about NAVRAS a society  which you laid foundation of, dance for you is more than a hobby, it is much closer to your heart. What do you want to say about that and your society?

Anika: NAVRAS started because I really wanted to dance and was looking forward to it but there was no classical dance society. Pannache was there, but I wanted to primarily do classical dance. I have a senior diploma kathak called VISHARTH in the university. So I didn’t want to leave dance because I had invested a good 8-9 years. Dance really formed a part of my personality so I didn’t want to leave a part of me just because I have joined a college. So it was like they don’t have a classical dance society let’s build one. It is not a like a society, it is more like a group of dancers. We are very close knit because the number is few. First of all there are very few classical dancers and secondly we do not compromise with quality. We started with an aim to keep in touch with classical dance and also promote it. When it comes to dancing everyone in DU talks about western dance. We performed on exchange programs. We will start performing from December or January. We will be taking it to a higher level this time though it won’t be having more than ten members because it is hard to accommodate more than that in classical dancing. So if CKK is a platform, I am inviting all classical dancers out there to come and join us. I love kathak and the people who founded it with me; Arushi and Priyanka also love kathak. So that’s how it came about.

Interviewer: As you’ve been placed in DB, what would you prefer – higher studies or DB? Or, what you think is better-post graduation or campus placement?


Ans:. As of now I would take up DB as it would provide me with a lot of practical experience and help me learn new things. I would definitely do MBA but not for these two or three years.


Interviewer: Does dancing fits in any way in your career?

Dancing is my passion and I just can never leave dancing because it’s a part of me. IfI leave it behind it would be like leaving a part of me. May be ten years down the line I may be a professional dancer and even have my own dance company, we never know what might happen in the future. I believe in following my heart. Do what you enjoy and don’t do just because everybody is doing. I have done literary activities in Yamuna and dancing in our classical dance society because I loved those things. First year students really take a number of stuffs but end up juggling .So listen to your heart and do what you love.


Interviewer: Who has been inspiration throughout your laudable life?

It’s obviously my father who has instilled encouragement and motivation in us. My mother too took every Endeavour to make me what I am today. She used to take me every day to Kathak School and wait for me until I was done with my class. My parents have made me what I am today. I love them and respect them a lot as they were always with me through the thick and thin.


Interviewer: so, finally would you like to give any message to the students?

Ans: I think I’ve said this many times, do things that you are really passionate about. Do things that  make you happy because when you do things you are passionate about and you do things you are happy about, then you’ll be  really really good at them, one of the best out there and don’t do things because everybody else is doing them. Be informed. Know about what is happening out there. I think it’s very important to have an opinion about things in life. I don’t know, I think it’s very important to have opinion, to have individualistic approach towards things, and that comes when you are not trying to be somebody else. That comes when you are yourself. I know it’s hard, I know we are always influenced by one person or the other. That is what really will help you. Everybody I know who is following their hearts has done well in life. You can do that; you can follow your heart and do well in life. That is a possibility. Maintain a decent percentage because that helps. We have a percentage cut off for everything in life, unfortunately. Try and excel in whatever you take up.

Interviewer: it was really nice talking to you.

Ans: Thank you!


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