IMG-20151101-WA0028 After a gruelling campaign, the deafening speech day and a most nerve-wrecking day of vote, Akash Mehta emerged as the President of SRCC. The support he received was humungous. The promises that the winning candidate has laid out now loom ahead but the start of the year has been pretty impressive. The man of the moment has held the reigns of the Students’ Union with striking confidence and the expectations are high.

The Khas Interview team of College Ki Knowledge got candid with Mr. President, to find out the person behind the post and his own expectations from the future.

Q1: Firstly, not that you need any introduction, but tell us something about yourself, the person and not the post-holder?
As a person, before becoming the post holder also, I have always enjoyed being a part of various extra-curricular activities in the past two years of College. I worked in CCC wing of Students’ Union of our college in my first year and also for some NGOs- Jeevan Utsav, Shiksha Kendra, NSS and Smile Foundation, which was an enriching experience for me. I started an online electronic shopping portal in my first year with some friends from Hindu College as our first start-up. Apart from interning at the Ministry of Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises and Indian Statistical Institution (Planning Commission), I also always enjoyed my favourite sport of Badminton for which I received the Inter-college Gold Medal last year. Experiences like the Asia Pacific week for which I represented DU and being the DUSU cultural secretary were also great learning experiences in my college life.


Q2: Did you ever think of becoming the president of SRCC? How does it feel to take forward the legacy of 70 years?
Not at all! I used to be a part of all these activities that kept on happening in college and loved working in various segments. After my second year I still had the desire to continue contributing to this college and bring greater changes according to what our institution and all of us students need, and THAT made me think of this. It truly feels great that this experience of the past two years, gave me this opportunity. The immense support that we saw for the first ever time, actually makes me feel even more motivated to fulfil each and every promise I have made along with our great team.


Q3: Who would you like to dedicate your success to? Who has been your inspiration during this campaign?

My father was my greatest inspiration and source of support during this whole phase. There was a time when my morals didn’t allow me to stand for the Presidential post, he told me if you are always on a right track with the right intentions, things will automatically fall in place. He asked me to utilise my time efficiently which I did because “khaali dimaag shaitan kaa ghar hota hai”. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for always being there, for showing me the true path of life and adhere to ones’ ethics and morals.



Q4: Where do you see SRCC after one year, under your leadership?

As we have started already, we introduced the regional sensitization cell and the PwD canteen enclosure to ensure a level playing field to all. We also organised a session with H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and launched a cleaning drive on 2nd October in sync with the Swachch Bharat Programme. This year, we tried to raise the level of the Freshers party by calling some popular DJs and introducing an interesting theme with activities related to the same. We will continue to work the same way and will soon bring about newer changes like the introduction of a Yoga program which will be in sync with Shri Narendra Modi’s initiative. Another very important aim that I have is to target some very basic problems that we all face and maintain the facilities provided by the college. I want to ensure that the sports complex washrooms are clean, the sanitary napkin wending machine in the girls washrooms work, the sports complex AC’s are fixed, etc. We are also planning to introduce a further step in the recycling system by installing green and blue bins on campus. We have started planting trees around our college fence also, not only to ensure greenery inside, but also around our college as a long term objective. Another issue regarding maintenance that we face is the putting up of posters around the college which ruin the walls. For this we are going to request all societies and activity groups to not do the same and we’ll instead provide them with boards that can be put up around the college on which the posters can be displayed. These are just some of the things that I have in mind, there are many more things to come.


Q5: What are the issues you are planning to deal with on a priority basis, issues that need immediate attention?
Like I said, all these things are of concern. But I can’t particularly name one thing that we plan to change or one issue we aim to resolve. I want to make sure that the college experience of every single student in the college is free of troubles and a good experience.


Q6: How do you plan to ensure a corruption free union?
Abhi tak jesa karte aaye hain, aage bhi kaam hii bolega.


Q7: Now that you are through with the Union interviews, what particular qualities in the candidates have struck you as something unique but worth a mention?
The eagerness and commitment shown, to work with us to bring about all these changes that our college needs.


Q8: What are your plans for Crossroads this year? Although it’s a little early to ask, but do you have any rough plan for the fest?
We obviously aim to raise the level to an even greater height and look into some basic issues of crowd management etc. And it’s not too early to ask since we have already started working on it and we ensure a great experience this year!


Q9: We all have great expectations from the union and are confident that you will not let us down. However, out of all that you wish to see over the next year, what is that one cause or event that stands closest to your heart?

For the past 2 months we have worked tirelessly and passionately to achieve what we desired for all of us, and we will continue to work the same way till the end. I want to make the life of each student of SRCC an easy, simple one, free of troubles and that is something I will definitely do!


Q10: What are your personal future goals? Do you have any interest in joining the national/state politics?
No politics. I will work towards Civil Services.


Q11: Finally, what message would you like to give to the students?

As you have seen in the past 2 months, your Union is in the right hands. What each student desires is what I commit myself completely to fulfilling. Itna support peheli baar dekha hai hum sabne, so we ensure that we’ll put up the best ever show in the history of Shri Ram College of Commerce!

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