An Inspirational Afternoon with Mr. Sundar Pichai


Sundar Pichai, the newly appointed and highly influential Chief Executive Officer of Google Inc. honoured the lively audience gathered in the sports Complex of SRCC, with his gracious presence today. All the young minds of the colleges and schools of Delhi were eagerly waiting for this day to come- the day when they can meet Mr. Sunder Pichai. He is a man, not only of great wisdom and judgement but also of unparalleled simplicity and integrity. All the spectators who witnessed his being and experienced the feelings which his words created, would never be able to forget this auspicious afternoon.

After rigorous security checks and registrations, the students were provided with an id card and two coupons, one with which they could fill their anxious stomachs with tasty food and the purpose of the other coupon was a surprise for which everyone had to wait till the end of the event.

After entering the Sports Complex and taking their seats, the students were confused with the presence of drums under their seats. Their confusion echoed in the sports complex until the hosts for the event announced that there was going to be a special performance by four enthusiastic drummers. Their performance was quite unequivocal and proved to be a great energiser to the excited audience. The whole sports complex echoed with the solitary sound of drums. There was another performance by 6 fantastic artists who created music solely with their own mouths. Their whimsical performance kept the party going.


Finally the moment came which everyone was waiting for, but before that, everyone was startled at the realisation that Mr. Sundar Pichai will be interviewed by the famous cricketer and commentator, Mr. Harsha Bhogle.

The sports complex reverberated with the claps of the gathered spectators at the arrival of the man himself, Mr. Sundar Pichai. The interview initiated with the question as to how he felt on his first day at google, to which he replied “I felt like a kid in a candy store”. Talking over a variety of subjects, he had everyone filled with laughter and the same time an unparalleled inspiration.

From his obsession with football to the future of software development in India, his each and every word filled everyone’s heart with great pride. Talking about his childhood, he said that he would add sambhar to payasam as he did not prefer sweetness and also could recall every single phone number his parents needed to telephone. He confessed that he is not really into Twenty20 Cricket wave and that he would like to name the next Android OS after an Indian mithai.

He accepted that he is all about taking risk and taught the gathered audience the importance of being insecure. According to him, one should never be worried or ashamed of being insecure. Also, it is very important to embody creativity in education. Only the embodiment of creativity in education can make everyone educated.

When asked about how many smartphones he has with him or at his home he replied that he has 20 to 30 smartphones lying around in his house that he uses for tests from time to time. He brought his first smartphone in 2006.

After answering questions asked by the live audience, video questions from students of IIT Kharagpur and twitter questions, he made a concluding remark that one should always do what s/he wants to do and never follow others. Filling everyone’s heart with great pride and inspiration, he bid adieu to the audience, making it impossible for them to forget the inspirational afternoon spent with him in SRCC. But before that he declared that the second coupon which the students were asked to keep with them till the end of the event was to avail Google Cardboard as a gift from him which filled everyone’s hearts with utmost joy.

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