Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention


Necessity is the Mother of Invention focuses on the struggle of a physically disabled boy Kshitiz Aneja, SRCC batch 2015 pass-out who decided to make the most of his situation and follow his passion. His story is unlike any that you have heard before and New India Films is here to tell it. One spark is all it takes to light a fire, with this documentary New India Films hopes to light this spark and support Kshitiz in his struggle to attain his passion.  So, let’s join hands & support Kshitiz in his endeavors by stopping & contributing a bit for it. To do so, just follow these five simple steps:


Step 1- Login using Facebook or Gmail on the link or else you can sign up on the website as well.


Step 2- Select the project ‘Necessity is the mother of all invention’


Step 3- The next page would give all the information about crowdfunding, Kshitiz’s life and small video interview. Click on ‘Back this project’


Step 4- Select the reward and fill out your basic details


Step 5- Share so that this work is not lost in the hustle bustle of the world


Thanks a lot for your support. Be a part of his project by contributing to it.

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