CROSSROADS 2016: Dawn of the Forties

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It was that time of the year again when all SRites forget about their tensions and worries and jump into the amazing experience called CROSSROADS. The annual fest of SRCC, Crossroads, is a four day extravaganza. Filled with amazing rides, food stalls and most importantly, the unparalleled line-up of star performers, Crossroads is the best four days of the year for every SRite.

Day 1: Woodstock


Woodstock, the first day of CROSSROADS, kick started the fest with huge crowds gathering to get a glimpse of the actor and singer, none other than the amazing Farhan Akhtar. He sang the audience’s favourite songs like Rock On and made the hearts of the spectators dance out with joy. The combination of the thrill from rides, amazing eateries and Farhan Akhtar’s performance made the first day a day to remember.

Day 2: Encore


Day 2 of the fest, also known as encore, witnessed an even greater number of spectators gathering to catch a glimpse of the amazing musical trio of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. With songs like “Where’s the party tonight” and “Jhoom Barabar Jhoom”, everyone turned into a pro dancer.Even the drizzling rain did not stop the audiences to dance to their favourite songs.

Day 3: Inferno


Inferno witnessed what no one ever expected, the performance by the famous Indian band: EUPHORIA. With songs of their own and those of other artists, the crowd danced with joy and drank in the amazing experience of crossroads.

Day 4: Random Collisions


The Final day of the CROSSROADS: Random Collisions was nothing short of a great finale to a great fest. With performance by the much loved singer, Mohit Chauhan, the audience pondered upon themselves and realized that the moments they are sharing will never be forgetful. The line up of romantic songs made everyone believe in love more. After the soulful performance, it was the turn of:12828994_1025133790873192_2441415573087169991_o


the famous DJ ACEAXE, who has performed in various fests like sunburn and in various campuses around the country.

CROSSROADS ended with everyone dancing and celebrating their lives, forgetting about what happened in the past or what would happen in the future but living and enjoying in the now.

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