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– Roopika & Mahima


With the admission season having started in full swing, DU aspirants across the country have only one thing in mind-securing a seat in their dream college. At this stage it is imperative that candidates gather correct information and move in the right direction leading them to the prestigious Delhi University.

However, amidst fresh DU guidelines, important timelines, deadlines and necessary documentation and form-filling,candidates end up confusedregarding what to do and how.

Here we answer a few FAQs that might be troubling you.


Q.1 I have registered online on the DU website, do I still need to fill up the offline form?

Ans. Offline forms are not available this year.You can fill only the online form as per UGC guidelines.

Q.2 How does one apply through the ECA or Sports quota?

Ans. Each college has a separate form for ECA and sports that needs to be filled. For sports there is a centralized fitness test (18th to 20th June, 2015)which is conducted by the University Sports Council. Colleges also conduct their respective trials.

Q.3 Will there be any relaxation offered to women candidates?

Ans. Relaxation for women candidates varies from college to college and even from course to course. However, the upper limit has been fixed at 3%.

Q.4 After the declaration of the cut-off, are students given admission on the first come first serve basis?

Ans. Admission in the colleges are not based on first come first serve policy.Each college prepares the list of candidates eligible to take admission in the respective college.

Q.5 Are there special seats for NCC cadets/NSS?

Ans. The University has no special quota for NCC/NSS in any of the colleges.

.Q.6 I have studied both commerce and accounts in my class XII. Which subject will I have to choose for my best four?

Ans. You can choose both the subjects in your best four.

Q.7 I am a science student. Can I apply for bachelor with honours in Arts/Humanities subjects?

Ans. You can apply for Bachelor with honours in Arts/Humanities subjects provided you fulfill specific eligibility condition and meet the requisite cut off.

. Q.8 Once I have taken admission in a particular subject, can I change my subject during the course of study or after completing first year?

Ans. No, once you’re admitted in a particular subject, you can change your subject only before the last date of admission provided seats are available and you meet the requisite cut off.

Q.9 From where can I get information about admission?

Ans. You can get information about admission from the following sources:-

  • University website:
  • University Information Centre- Phone no. 011-27006900/155215
  • You can visit the help desk placed by the office of Dean Student’s welfare in Room no: 5, 1st floor, Conference Center, opp. Botany department, North Campus.

Q.10I did not have Mathematics in class 12th .Can I opt for Economics (H )or B com (H)?

Ans. No, you cannot opt for Economics (H) or B Com (H) without mathematics.

Q.11 Can I take admission in two different/same courses in different colleges after declaration of a cut off?

Ans.No, you cannot take admission simultaneously in two different courses or same courses in different colleges. In case you take admission at two places, your admission will be cancelled from both the colleges/courses.

Q.12 I have appeared in class XII exam from CBSE Delhi. Will I get an advantage of being from Delhi?

Ans.No, there is no advantage for having studied in Delhi.

Q13 What should be candidate’s next steps after cutoffs are declared?
Ans.After the declaration of cut-off lists by the university, candidates need to report to the college/s of their choice for admission within the stipulated period. At this stage, the student would be required to fill the admission form and the university enrolment form. The student would then get his/her documents verified and pay the admission fee.

Q 14 Will a candidate be considered eligible for admission if he/she has applied for re-evaluation of any of Class 12 papers?

Ans.The colleges shall consider admission of the candidates whose marks get increased in the process of rechecking /revaluation by their respective boards within the prescribed period of admission provided that such a candidate fulfils the other eligibility conditions laid down for admission.

Q15: What should I do first? I am a bit confused about the specific order of things at this point.

Ans: Log on to the DU website and create your account.Fill in your details, choice of course and upload your self attested documentsin the prescribed form. Then wait for the cut-offs to be declared. If you meet the cut-off criterion for a specific college, head over to that college within the cut-off period (this is the number of days that the college will entertain admission for students of a particular cut-off list,which is three days) and hand in your documents. Then pay the fees for the first semester of study and you’re good to go.

Q16: Which documents would I need to produce for admission?

Ans: You would need the following documents, along with two sets of self-attested copies:

Class X Board Exams Certificate

Class X Mark sheet

Class XII Mark sheet

Class XII Provisional Certificate / Original Certificate

Character Certificate (recent)

Migration Certificate (for outstation candidates)

Transfer Certificate (same as above)

SC/ST/OBC Certificate (if applicable)

You should carry two self-attested passport-sized photographs too. Some colleges may ask for other documents, such as medical fitness certificates. Take care to make 5-6 copies of each certificate you give in, just in case.

Q17: If I take admission into a college not of my choice in the First Cut-Off List but qualify for a college of my choice in a subsequent list, can I change my admission status?

AnsProvided that you take back all original documents that you submitted to the first college within the admission period, and secure a refund of your fees, you should be able to apply to the college of your choice following the general admission procedure for that list and college.

Q18What is the admission process for St.Stephens?

AnsFrom this year, you can apply to St. Stephens through centralized registration form. You are also required to apply to the college as well.

Q19What are the criteria for calculating best-of-four aggregate?

Ans.The best-of-four aggregate for admissions in UG programmes offered at DU will be formed by calculating the marks scores by students in one language, two academic or elective subjects and the subject in which the candidate is seeking admissions.

Q 20 When will the first cutoff list be out?

Ans. It will be released on 27th of June.


We hope this resolves at least some of the questions that may be plaguing you.

All the best for mission admission!



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