Welcome to the Jungle!

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History repeats itself!
No, this is not another article about the plagiarised speech by Mrs. Trump.
What I am talking about is the day of 20th July which last year made me a fresher and this year a senior.

Today, as a host of emotions grip one from all directions (lol, no, I was mostly ecstatic to regain my beloved college WiFi), I take a moment (basically an hour of writing time) to list a few things I would have told to the fresher me.

Pay some heed if you may, dear fuchhas..

1. Keep your calm/ do not feel lost : New life, new setting, new friends – a whole new world is unlocked in college. It is therefore essential to not feel lost in a sea of people, emotions and activities.
Tip: Fake it till you make it helps with confidence. Unless, of course, you overdo it and act cocky.

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source: i.kinja-img.com



2. You’re not pizza. You cannot impress everyone. : There. Understand it. And imbibe it. You might encounter a bunch of uber cool people and you may be secretly praying to be friends with them, but trying to be a different person just so that they would like you won’t go a long way. It just will not work. Celebrate your individuality. You’ll find someone with the same weirdness quotient as you. Amen.

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3. Explore and experiment : You’re straight outta school! Bask in the newfound freedom. Schedule visits to colleges across the campus, check out eating joints, enquire about societies, shop till you drop and enjoy each day.

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4. Turn up for lectures : This might elicit a ‘what’ but I’m serious. Follow it from day one or you will automatically enter this zone in your second year.
DU has got amazing faculty and each lecture can be richly rewarding and insightful. (also, I hope the freshers know about attendance marks. You’re welcome.)

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source: southcountypt.com

Basically, college is the time of your life. So, ensure that you make the most of it.
No pressure.


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