The Society Bubble




Orientation, the best society, experience of a lifetime – weave a story? It’s the tale of the gullible fresher, latest edition.

As the just-out-of-school students flock to their new destination, they are greeted by walls divided into territories of societies(read: posters) and the representatives of these societies with an arm extended for the next handshake.



Societies are a serious business. They teach you teamwork, crisis management and time management, hone your talent, enhance confidence, help in making friends and a host of other advantages can be attributed to them.
But, what also needs to be mentioned is that you’ll be a telemarketer selling your society, a modern beggar asking for funds, a social media annoyance to your friends courtesy the endless spamming, a pro at functioning with high sleep deprivation, a form filling expert, owner/ worker of a mini office of sorts on Whatsapp and smart enough to blame it all on societies in case you mess up your result.

So, societies are an experience that truly is to each his own. It may pump up your adrenaline at one time and pierce you with mundaneness at another. However, what cannot be denied is that they leave you with incredible memories forever.


About Divyansh Pandey

Divyansh Pandey is a living oxymoron. He is impatient yet lethargic, a serial procrastinator yet worries the most about deadlines that hover like dementors. The rare times he is not suppressing a stressful tantrum, he eats, watches football (tries failingly not to become one) and presses random keys on the keyboard in a bid to create his own form of magic :)