I, INDIA – An Ode

source: yogendrachavda.com



Those whom I welcomed
Caged me within myself,
Their foreign accent difficult to fathom,
And diabolic intentions unimagined.

With practised ease,
they stripped me
of my ornaments and dignity,
reducing me to a pauper
in my own kingdom.

But when the blood boils
It shatters all shackles;
When the soil seeks solace
Even life is too small a price to pay.

And so,
Child after child,
From Bhagat to Gandhi,
embraced white shrouds
to gift me a tricolour.

My children gave me birth,
the labour lasted 200 years.

source: withfriendship.com
source: withfriendship.com

Today, as we celebrate our Independence Day, let’s take a moment to remember the sacrifices our freedom fighters and soldiers made and continue to make so that we can live our free and comfortable lives.

Saare jahan se accha, Hindustan hamara.
Jai Hind.

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