Delhi, My Teacher


Manmohan & Priya


With castles of high dreams,little fear and curiosities comes the greatest change of life-the shift from school to college.  It is a critical stage and is accompanied  by great changes like adapting to a new  lifestyle and attitude. Among all changes coping up with the capital city is toughest for most. Though Delhi is one of the most developed cities with a wide variety of people,it has a lot of colours.
Following is the amalgamation of the experiences and lessons which Delhi has taught in these couple of months.

Fast Life:Time waits for none, and the same goes for Delhites. Here everyone you  meet, will be in rush. You won’t find anyone sitting idle here; productive or not, they are always nose deep in work.

Shopping experiences: Yes, the shopping! From the high fashion brands to the haven of cheap knick knacks, Delhi is a sure winner. In the celebrated flea markets you will spot stalls selling handicrafts, garments,footwears and what not.That too with a price so cheap that will make you exclaim in disbelief.

Great food: If u are a foodie, Delhi is a heaven for you.
You will find food stalls in every nook and corner. Just everywhere. It might make you think “if these food stalls are in Delhi or Delhi in these food stalls”, and the answer is, in all fairness, the latter.The lip smacking food of the city is a testament to its cultural diversity and gastronomical integration.

Take Care Of You self: The weather can play a big spoilsport to all your plans and continuously play with your health. Make sure to adapt to the climatic changes and also not get too carried away by the great street food since it’s one of the biggest carriers of disease

Self reliance:  People are not going to be beside you always. There wont be any minute to minute adviser, one has to take decisions based on one’s own opinions.

Prioritise yourself: Making yourself a priority isn’t being selfish but it’s necessary here. Each one has their own identity. Each one has their own way.Never let go your identity for others because it takes nothing to join the crowd but everything to stand alone.Whatever be the situation just believe in yourself.

Lectures are no longer the reason for coming to the institution. World stands outside your comfort zone. Well, changes are part and parcel of our life.
Changes seem to be hard now, but hopefully they give us a gorgeous end.

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