A speech Day That Will Go Down the History Lane



The SRCC elections are gearing up!
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“Votes should be weighed, not counted.”
From the entering of the candidates till the end of the event, kudos SRites, this election is certainly creating a new chapter in the history of ballot. After many days of rigorous campaigning, finally came the day when the prospective candidates shared their views and brought forth the promises officially on a college platform. The views shared by both the sides were of a paradigm shift.The motivation on both sides of the panel namely, #PurityForProgress and #ChangeWeBelieveIn, was worth a watch. It clearly portrayed their endless desire to emerge victorious. The day was full of laughs,applauds and nostalgia when the candidates from both the panels entered the hall and when they delivered their speech.With the two panels seated on opposite sides,words were weapons that displayed the might of the candidates. Displaying exemplary political skills, candidates charmed the audience with puns, verbal attacks and mind-blowing wordplay. No doubt DU’s elections give you a huge insight of what politics would all be like.
However, the real spectacle was the audience. As was time and again reiterated, the packed auditorium witnessed resolute sloganeering and cheering but within the stated boundaries laid down by the administration. All supporters behaved in an orderly and civil manner.

Usually, people will vote for the best, for the ones who have taken time to learn about the issues and bring a difference or betterment, provided their is no reason for them to be biased. The speech of each and every candidate is worth to contemplate. The stage is set for student poll and we are excited to see whether it would be clean sweep this year too.                     

“Thinking isn’t agreeing or disagreeing, that’s voting ” 

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