Time To Prove The Voters’ Might


Do you remember the anxious moments before the announcement of results? Thoughts, ranging from trivial to magnanimous importance seem to interlink in chains that grip our minds till the time the verdict reaches our ears. After all, it is our performance that shall determine the outcome. This is exactly what the candidates contesting elections must be going through.

Tomorrow is the day of days-The Election Day. It is for this day that candidates have spent around two months visibilising themselves, coming up with agendas and proving their mettle; the supporters have raised countless slogans and filled our phones and social media accounts with second-by-second spamming; and the college has turned into a battleground where one side is white and the other, having no particular colour, stands disapproving of it.  

As the claims, allegations, counter-allegations and the typical election antics that decorate election season at SRCC become the talk on every lip, it is, indeed, nerve wracking to see which panel will finally ‘prevail’ or on whom the voters ‘believe’ in.


P.S. Most of the people may already have made up their minds on whom to vote for, based on the candidate’s credentials or personal rapport. Some, might still be unsure regarding their choice. However, it is strongly recommended that all students vote and exercise their right to elect their representatives. If even this does not appeal to you, then come for the experience of it, DU transforms into a new world altogether on Election Day.




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