The College Rhyme


By Yusra Anees
A day in DU is a thousand lives lived at once
It is living your dreams in abundance.
Get up in the morning when the alarm rings
Its time to fly, to open up your wings
Choose your attire and get ready soon,
“I am a DU student” my heart says its a boon.
Set off for college with a smile on your face
Checking the watch and trying not to be late.
Catching the metro and reaching the class
When the teacher is busy, we quietly trespass
Meeting new people, making new friends
Living the dreams and following new trends.
Hanging out with friends after a lecture or two
Chilling in the canteen while we eating fondue.
Clicking the selfies, showing the pouts
Then running for the tutes coz we had too many doubt’s.
Facing a plethora of challenges and anxieties
Also the joyous moments of working with the societies.
A get together in the cafes is what we had planned
But the air castle collapsed having so much work at hand.
Befriending the seniors and learning from them,
They help us transform from squander to gem.
And of course the teacher becomes more than a friend,
Holding their hand, we slowly transcend.
At times in college we wander around like thugs,
At times celebrating the birthday with all the love and hugs.
Sometimes we win,
Sometimes we learn.
A successful future is what we yearn.
We do have fun and gain lots of knowledge
We accumulate priceless memories of college.

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