A few days back, SRCC was abuzz with agendas, slogans and accusations and counter accusations. What resulted from that testing phase was the leadership that will now guide this college for the year to come. After a 16-0 mandate, SRites have shown immense belief in two individuals and the panel they represented. It’s time we get to know not Bhartendu Verma and Varun Kumar, but the President and General Secretary of the SRCC Student’s Union, in their maiden post victory interview.

Q1 How well are you taking all the stardom and limelight after victory in elections?
(“Hey,See there goes SRCC’s President.””SRCC’s Gsec is my friend!”)
Varun :To be frank, though I never thought after becoming the Gsec of SRCC, my schedule would become so hectic that i won’t be able to find enough time even for myself, I’ve always prioritized my work first but I always try to spare out some time to just make a roundabout in the college and get to see smiling faces around because it really fills me with immense pleasure receiving love and respect from all around and moreover meeting people and knowing that your interaction makes them feel special always add up to my zeal and I get more enthusiastic towards my service to the college.
Q2 . You switched the panel and the fact that you were competing against the Purity people last year,won’t this make it difficult to form a great team?
Bharatendu :I strongly feel that each and every SRite of deserves an equal opportunity to work for the college. However, the fact that I personally know people from both the panels, definitely helps me to bridge the gap between students who may belong to different panels during elections even further.

Q3 How big an event should we expect Crossroads to be?
(We’re already excited!)
Varun: crosSRoads, indubitably would be bigger and more happening than everyone ever saw in the previous years because we today have a more efficient team under the guidance of the cabinet that made the last crossroads a huge success.

Q4 Already there are speculations regarding top posts in Union.A lot of people worked with you but the posts are limited!
What are your comments on this?

Bharatendu :The issues of post distribution is not new to the office bearers; though we try to make everyone happy yet those who do not get the post of their choice are a little less satisfied yet every year the chief executives of the union, the president and the general secretary has to come to a common consensus and rationally take decisions in the favor of the union, for the welfare of the college.

Q5 Your opponents must be really capable since they managed to give a tight competition,don’t you think they deserve to be in the team?
Bharatendu :There’s no doubt that our worthy opponents gave us a very tight competition and indubitably they deserve to be a part of the team and hence will be taken into consideration, the existing team members will though have an edge over the post distribution.

Q6Any tips for students to crack the interview well and be a part of Union?
Varun:There’s not much to advice for the interview but still I would like the post aspirants to focus more on WE rather than I and stay confident.

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