Innovation Project- SRCC


14642525_973224752800026_2679751013657242436_nStudents from Shri Ram College Of Commerce are working on Cluster Innovation Center’s research project –and their field of study is Internet Of Things, Services and Industry 4.0. They have specifically emphasized on traffic management and seek to address commuters’ woes through intelligent traffic management systems which help in navigating through traffic-dense routes, and ensure timely arrival of buses etc. While the rest of us are busy blaming the government for the numerous problems we face, these students, to the contrary, are keen on evaluating a solution to this problem, and it’s feasibility in the light of various infrastructural constraints and legal bottlenecks. As part of their project they are conducting a survey, the link to which is as follows –

Kudos to the team, and we wish them the best for their endeavours!

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