Diwali In and Out of the 70 mm Screen



The WeBuzz Team


Diwali, the festival of lights, is here yet again and we are ready with smiles as sparkling as the fairy lights that decorate our homes.

The prominence, majesty and pomp and show of Diwali is unparalleled. Occuring during the onset of winters, this festival is characterised by foggy mornings, glittering nights and the joy of sharing.

The infectious vibe of Diwali has time and again been recreated in soap operas and Bollywood movies.
But sometimes it is seen that the real and reel life varies in many of the cases. Diwali is one such a case. So here we bring you some reel vs real aspects of Diwali.

1. Diwali is not just one day:
The filmi funda uses Diwali mostly as a means to incorporate glitzy song sequences. In real life, Diwali is is a whole phase. Starting from Karvachauth, Roop chaudas, Dhanteras, Chotti Diwali, Badi Diwali, Govardhan puja to BhaiDooj, Diwali celebrations are long enough to cherish its memories for a year that follows.

2. Rituals galore:
It is generally seen that decorations, singing and dancing hold the supreme post in Bollywood and daily operas. But if we match this with the reality, the outcome differs a lot. In reality, Diwali involves a lot of rituals and auspicious prayers.

3.Diwali time is Family time:
In Bollywood, Diwali is mostly celebrated with neighbors, friends, colleagues,etc,that is, we are shown only a part of what the celebration is like. But it is totally different in real life. Here, Diwali time is mainly meant as the family time. People celebrate this day with just their family, enjoying close knit company and conversations. A sweet family time in their home, sweet home.

4.It involves major hard work:
In flicks, a multitude of servants in posh households or an army of invisible angels miraculously clean the house spot free. But in reality, it’s a task.This festival makes us work a lot.It involves dusting, cleaning, discarding old stuff and basically coming face to face with your hoarder self.

5.Happy Environment? Not literally:
Family hugs, those happiness tears, group photos and those lightings and decor in Bollywood totally hides the natural environment. In real life people witness the worst. With those poisonous gas all around, tears aren’t only out of happiness.

6. After Diwali hangover:
Bollywood just shortlists itself till Diwali. What about after the Diwali night? Only we, the commoners, can understand it. Cleaning the mess outside your house of the endless crackers that over-enthu kids lit, clearing the half burnt candles and diyas and reeling under the previous day induced weariness, it does become messy at the end but we love it. Festivals do not come very often and it’s worth it.

Be it reality or expectation, reel or real, fictial or non fictional, Diwali is truly a fun filled festival. People wait for this day to come. It truly sparkles the life of everyone. It is a big day. For us. For everyone. So enjoy this Day of sparks, lights and endless sweets.
We, the CKK team wishes you all a glorious, wonderful and a safe Diwali!

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