Calling Colours – Yellow





The color, the hue, the atmosphere when you open your eyes early in the morning is all tints of appealing yellow.

The mesmerizing scenes of sunsets and sunrises which one must have marvelled upon atleast once in their life are all shades of yellow.
Yellow-the color of sunlight is a symbol of hope.Yellow is the most important colour for everyone. It occupies the most important part in many lives.
The sun,the soil for nature lovers.
The minions, tweety and SpongeBob SquarePants for children.
The delicious ripe mangoes, bananas for foodies.
The shine of gold for money lovers.
Yellow is the color of friendship too.
Yellow is the color which can be seen from distance also. This is the reason why it is used in traffic lights and this is the reason why Aamir khan in ‘pk’ wore yellow helmet.
Even in Indian mythology,yellow has its own importance. Lord Vishnu , Krishna and Ganesha wore yellow dresses which symbolizes knowledge and learning.
Thus, this color between green and orange signifies hope,liveliness, creativity, freshness and happiness.

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