Dear 2017

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Dear 2017
So, here you are!
Just like previous time, I’ve a lot of hopes from this new year too. Hope the hopes I’ve, get fulfilled.

With every night, comes the dawn. With every end, begins a start. Where night and end is compared with negativity. And dawn and start, with positivity.
And you are the positive vibe for all now. For you are the start. You are the beginning.

You might be thinking keeping hope is too mainstream. Why not to go with the flow?
But that’s the thing we can’t do dear 2017. For hopes come naturally to us Humans. Call it unfair but that’s the truth.
There will be people wishing a lot from you. Wishing for a miracle from you.
You can call it stupidity but believe me, it’s our love for you.
I know you don’t Have anything in your hand. Everything is in the hand of the life, in the hands of the supreme power in the heaven but still we expect from you.

I don’t know what the future hold, what you hold. I just know one thing, that I’m Ready to accept you.
And yes, I too am expecting a lot from you.



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