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We asked a member about her favorite read and here is what she had to say about hers, The Fault in our Stars. 



A happy ending isn’t as important as a satisfying ending. You can make me cry, but make me glad I read to The End.—Lorna G. Poston
The fault in our stars is the sixth novel by an American author John Michael Green who won the Printz Award for the book. The fault in our stars debuted at number one on The New York Times best-seller list for children’s chapters books. It has bursts of all humor, romance, themes, language and so on.
It portrays how young people live when death is all set to pull them. It’s a combat between life and death. It is a story created out of hopelessness and solitude . The story is narrated by Hazel Grace, the protagonist who is suffering from cancer. She meets a young man Augustus Water, an amputee, at the support group. They strike a bond immediately and agree to read each other’s favorite novel. The courage and humor , the energy and despair keeps the readers intact through the book .
Therefore , this 313 paged well-crafted book will make you return to it again and again.

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