My Gender, My Choice

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(Here, we bring forth the views of one of our members on the pressing issue of gender identity)


Gender is a socially constructed definition of women and men. It is not the same as sex. While sex refers to biological differences, gender is determined by the conception of tasks, functions and roles attributed to women and men in society.
Each and every person in the world have their gender identity about how they feel and express their gender roles. A person’s gender identity should not be imposed rather it should be self choosing.
With the world growing at an extraordinary pace, the roles of men and women are getting swapped. Women are getting more independent and stronger day by day. They have outshined men in every field possible. Sex is no longer the determinant of gender identity.
Society should have no objections in a husband being the child raiser and wife being the breadwinner.
Lack of body hair should not be associated with feminity. Men too can get it shaved. Having a muscular body should not be restricted to male only but it should be an option available for both.
Girls can be non emotional, independent, aggressive and strong and boys can be soft, weak, innocent, graceful, quiet, and so on.
Society’s categories of masculine and feminine are unrealistic. They may not capture how one truly feels and behaves. All men have some so-called feminine traits, and all women have some so-called masculine traits. And one may show different traits at different times.

Gender, ergo, depends not on the organ one is born with but how one chooses to identify oneself.


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