Gender Stereotypes in Movies


By Yusra-


“Its funny how the colors of the real world seem really real when you watch them on a screen.”
Films, movies and cinema… These words have apparently become indispensable part of human lives in this techno-savvy world. Films are not only the most preferred source of entertainment but also a robust weapon to disseminate a social message. Better said than done, films often portray only what glitters and pleases the human eye. In the tussle of swelling up the box office collection, the filmmakers often turn a blind eye to the dark reality of the contemporary society. What’s more? Over the years, many of the typical stereotypes have germinated from and strengthened by the films. The very resilient idea of a woman as the homemaker and man as the breadwinner has been unquestionably shown in movies till date. But over the years, movies like Dangal, Mary Kom, A league of their own, Bend it like Beckham have paved way to a more open and humane perception of the gender roles in society. On the other side, films have certainly not taught girls to shed the stereotypes. Rather, the actresses and models have encouraged girls to adopt “shapely” female body and certain other physical features which can be only achieved by compromising the freedom of hearty consumption of food.  Evidently there is an urgent need to requestion the content of the movies. We need not close doors on these issues or push them under the rug. Its time to have an open and honest conversation on such issues and to mentor each other on the need to embrace and accept the diversity. There has been a vast transformation in the content of the cinema worldwide, but there is a long journey ahead.

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