When SRCC Goes Hand In Hand : The “Paint It Red” Drive


‘’Students must have initiative; they shouldn’t be mere imitators. They must learn to think and act for themselves. “

SRCC, The College Of Global Choice, has been consistently maintaining its reputation, be it in academics or divergence. With the onset of the new academic year, the Students’ Union of SRCC has commenced its tenure with great ardor and enthusiasm. The college has always upheld itself in terms of its innovative ideas and initiatives. Yet again this has been corroborated by the SRCC Students’ Union’s “Paint It Red” drive. ‘Walls are the Greeting Faces of any institution’. In pursuance of this aim, the students have come together to clean the college’s compound walls and paint it red.

Every year it is always the college premises that suffer the consequences of elections. The walls are often sabotaged and the campus environment, undermined. Hence, to furnish a solution to this problem, and to convey an important message: the SRCC Students’ Union has endured this initiative. It is indeed the first of its kind to conduct and execute such a pursuit. The voluntary participation by the Union was done mainly to prove that it is each and every student’s responsibility to protect his college property and keep it unsullied.

The main question is: Will such a good initiative bear fruitful results?

Elections do happen every year and the same instance might continue. However, the students of SRCC have held themselves true to the words “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can”.



Deepika Kumar

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