About Us

College ki knowledge as the name suggests is a ‘Solution Box’ to all the queries relating to a ‘Institution’ that churns out the brightest minds across the country.aboutus2(1)

Yes!!! Its all about SRCC, The Best Commerce College in Asia.

We are a exuberant group of individuals who believe in making an impact in the campus by channeling the opportunities to people who are looking for them.
We are the key marketers of plethora of events being organized by various societies of the college.
Also, we take care that every student of the institution stays updated about the campus as we serve to them a platter of news on a daily basis.
Often we present a tete-a-tete with eminent personalities of the college. Not undermining the power of a student’s opinion, we give a vent to their thoughts by publishing what they feel at heart!

This Blogs keeps you updated about all the fact and findings in and around the college campus. It covers all the arenas of our college ranging from:

  • Freshers to placements,
  • Academics to extracurricular,
  • Students to administration,
  • Classroom to canteens and so on.

It provides a platform where:

  • The juniors can contact seniors
  • They can ask questions
  • Take suggestion and
  • Can share everything whatever they feel like
  • Moreover seniors are always welcomed to share their experiences, grievances , information and everything that can guide the juniors. In short this blog is a box for all the queries and suggestions a student have in his mind.