Team 2015

Meet our wonderful brains behind the blog



A shy girl with a crazy sense of humor as remarked by friends. She is a writer, cynophobic and a big time foodie. She is addicted to Hollywood chick flicks and is madly in love with hill stations. Quite fussy about being punctual this girl is crazy about anything that comes in purple color. True admirer of Tom Cruise & Shah Rukh Khan she also loves Chetan Bhagat’s novels. She’s madly in love with emptiness’s singer Gajendra Verma.

Vice President And Interviews Manager

Nidhi Bansal10888476_1552563671658813_1544820236267617348_n

She is a 19 year old B.Com(H) student at Shri Ram College of Commerce. Eagerness to learn new things, pleasure in interacting with people, fervent believer of hard work, defines her. Confidence, energy and pride exhibit from her personality. Satisfied with her achievements till date, she aspires to achieve greater goals in her life.

Editor In Chief

Garima Behal

Poet. Writer.Blogger. Dreamer. Thinker. Bibliophile! Will read everything from the crazy Archie comics to the intellectual ‘The Book Thief’. Enjoys travelling and casual photography too. Still in search for the 11377271_1824691374423295_5983374681847865114_npurpose of her life. Has miles to go before she sleeps. She has her own blog by the name of theseismicscribbler.blogspot.in

Notice Board Head

Anshul 10599167_985628264789266_4563998715124227877_n

She is an enthusiastic and a determined person with a never say die attitude. She believes in the saying, “If you want happiness for a lifetime- help others”. She joined CKK in order to help others by informing them about each and every event of the college. She feels CKK provides an online platform for budding talent.The sense of responsibility, confidence, leadership skills and selfless work are the traits that makes her suitable for CKK.

Technical Head

Mayur Gautam1376536_726387697455738_7551085224876666172_n

Love stories admirer. Music lover. Dancer. Bollywood Fan. Non Vegetarian. Inspired from Akshay Kumar’s life. True lover of God. Confident person. Talkative. Friendly. He’s a high spirited guy whose simple mantra is to live life to the fullest. He also exhibits a good sense of humor. He is often regarded as the star of the group.

Sponsorship Head

Nidhi Kaushal11205968_360252344170971_4514048884071888169_n

She loves life the way it is. She is an explorer. Apart from an sr’ite she is a passionate basketball player, kuchipudi, and free form western dancer. She loves music and has also sung a few covers. She is an amateur singer. Although she doesn’t have corporate contacts but because of her convincing skills she’s heading the sponsorship wing and innovation team of CKK.

Marketing Manager


19 year old Bcom (H) student at Shri Ram College of Commerce, she is a self made person!Amazingly articulate, and Overtly confident, she believes in taking life as it comes! Sarcastic by nature she is Contagiously Energetic ,Skeptically brilliant  and Honestly hardworking!!

Chief Reporter


A happy-go-lucky girl who is constantly on the lookout for self-improvement. Her mantra for happiness is keeping herself busy while striving for excellence in whatever she does! She views each day as an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.The craze for variety and the thrill of new experiences  keep her going.

 Events Manger


Born in a music family,music is close to her heart. She is a happy-go-lucky girl, highly optimistic, soft- hearted & a little shy too. She loves reading. Sketching & art and craft are her other hobbies.She aspires to do something unique in life and is ready to do as much hardwork as needed to achieve success. “Give your best and god will see the rest ” is her mantra in life.

Social Media Head


Harshit Wadhwa, the charmer.He’s a sports lover, a numismatic, a fo11178223_10204641890268728_8724617254777958914_nodie and loves to watch movies.He’s not just good in studies but is equally good in co-curriculars.