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    Hindi Saahitya Sabha (HSS), Shri Ram College of Commerce is organizing its annual fest “SPANDAN”.It includes the following events: EVENT: ANTAKSHARI                                                                     […]

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    “Rule 1: Never lose money. Rule 2: Never forget Rule 1.” – Warren Buffet A loudshout to all aspiring Warren Buffets out there! It’s time you step into the shoes of a stock market player and gear up to nail the wildest mock stock event, as we bring to you FIC October Finergy’s SERIAL STOCKER. Registrations […]

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  • Registered Society


    English Literary Society Why ELS proved to be the topmost society for the year 2014-15 ? Well, here are the reasons: Zephyr 2015 proved to be the coolest fest of all, with a diverse palette of events that ranged from poetry recitation to story weaving to creative writing, to book cover designing and news reporting. […]

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    SPORTS COMMITTEE Why Sports Committee is the best unregistered society? Well, here are the reasons: They undoubtedly managed to steal the show with their Star studded Festival of Youth Sports. While Gautam Gambhir graced the opening ceremony, performances by Shraey Sharma, and the presence of the Badlapur cast in campus, proved to be mesmerizing experiences. […]