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  • Dear 2017

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    Dear 2017 So, here you are! Just like previous time, I’ve a lot of hopes from this new year too. Hope the hopes I’ve, get fulfilled. With every night, comes the dawn. With every end, begins a start. Where night and end is compared with negativity. And dawn and start, with positivity. And you are […]

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  • These Memes Are Noteworthy!


    Two days, two nations and two news, and the world around us has changed forever. Simply put, notes and votes are what we are all discussing. The crisp, drool- worthy 500 and 1000 notes that were once treated as over-pampered kids are now getting Bollywood style stepkid treatment. Mr. Modi brought ‘change’ and how! While news […]

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  • Calling Colours – Yellow


    By- Priya The color, the hue, the atmosphere when you open your eyes early in the morning is all tints of appealing yellow. The mesmerizing scenes of sunsets and sunrises which one must have marvelled upon atleast once in their life are all shades of yellow. Yellow-the color of sunlight is a symbol of hope.Yellow […]

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  • Innovation Project- SRCC


    Students from Shri Ram College Of Commerce are working on Cluster Innovation Center’s research project –and their field of study is Internet Of Things, Services and Industry 4.0. They have specifically emphasized on traffic management and seek to address commuters’ woes through intelligent traffic management systems which help in navigating through traffic-dense routes, and ensure […]